Established in 2002, Kidod Science & Technology is a global provider of Near Patient Testing systems and advanced diagnostic solutions. The company aims to improve patient care by providing rapid and reliable information at the point of care (POC), delivering patient information when and where it is needed most.

The company developed the Virion TestTM, a cutting edge medical device that can detect the outcome of replication and translation of Covid-19 Virus in the subject cells of a patient in under a minute, using a simple saliva sample.

Our device uses IMS technology that enables tracing the tiniest amounts of volatile chemicals that can be ionized.

Our Virion TestTM is specially developed to detect as low as 150 picograms of each type of amino compounds and polyamines in saliva.

Why is our Virion Test device is the leading device in Covid-19 detection?

  • The Virion TestTM device and technology can analyze a sample and return results in under 50 seconds!
  • The Virion TestTM device accuracy is over 90%.
  • The Virion TestTM device can be operated by any technician level, with no need for special expertise.
  • The Virion TestTM device is noninvasive, with no special actions to be taken by the patient, only a simple swab with saliva is required.
  • The Virion TestTM device no need for a special lab or any other tools for its operation. Just place the device, and test the samples.
  • The Virion TestTM device is cost-effective and offered at a reasonable cost.