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How can airlines monitor only passengers that are not COVID-19 carriers are boarding? How can an airline be sure a passenger has not infected COVID-19 since the passenger took a lab PCR test? With the Virion Test™, both airports and airlines can screen passengers pre or during the check-in process, ensuring that only healthy passengers are boarding the plane. Of course, that is also a quick and cost-effective way to test the crew and staff daily.

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Leagues worldwide are playing without an audience and affecting the clubs, the players, and the fans. With the Virion Test™, clubs can screen the audience at the gate, ensuring only healthy fans are entering the stadium and cheering the team.

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The most affected industries due to the COVID-19 are culture and entertainment. When the audience cannot watch a live show or visit the cinema, not only the performing stars are affected: Soundmens, lighting operators, stage personnel, and many others are out of work due to the COVID-19 restrictions. What if you could screen the audience at the ticket line? Ensuring the audience is healthy without risks? Using the Virion Test™ is the solution.

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Since the COVID-19 epidemic, many schools have been closed, and students of all ages stay home. With daily testing using the Virion Test™, campuses and schools can enable healthy staff and students to attend the classrooms. Exams? No problem! It only takes 50 seconds to clear a student to enter the exam room.

The business world has changed. Just as 9/11 changed how the world travels, the COVID-19 will change the way we work. These changes affect how individuals commute, operate at workplaces, shop, interact, and more. After 9/11, the public needed assurance that air travel was safe and secure. A new level of screening affected every traveller and airport employee. Similarly, post-pandemic, individuals will require verification that a business is safe and assured. Even if the population achieves herd immunity from COVID-19, people will expect facilities to maintain high standards.

No doubt, businesses will need to screen employees and customers. A thermometer can only screen a patient that shows symptoms, but how can people be assured that employees are healthy? The solution is the Virion TestTM, using a simple mouth saliva test and 50 seconds to analyze. Recent clinical test results show that the Virion TestTM is twice more accurate than today's PCR lab test.

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