The Virion Test is a unique and advanced medical device developed by Kidod Science. The Virion technology can detect any SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, regardless of being symptomatic or asymptomatic.

It is, without a doubt, the most advanced device available today to detect the COVID-19 infection caused by the coronavirus. It can support any business to return to regular operation by reducing the risks of infection. The possibilities are endless: At airports, clearing passengers to board before or during check-in or when entering to any country; Sporting or concert events, clearing an audience to enter the game or the show; Daily testing students at school to enable the education system to return to regular operation; the list goes on.

The Virion Test has over 95% detection accuracy. According to several clinical evaluations, the Virion Test device has unparalleled accuracy compared to any other diagnosing tool today.

Another Virion Testsuperiority is the speed of analysis. Analyzing a saliva sample takes less than 50 seconds!

The Virion Test device was designed to be an easy operation, comfortable, and user-friendly. Operating the Virion Test device requires only short training and basic computer skills. The Virion Test device is fully automated. No need for any other analytical analysis or expensive lab equipment for diagnosis.

Another advantage is the sample required. The Virion Test only needs a simple saliva sample, thus capable of easy sampling from people of any age.

The Virion Test is, in fact, a small and portable analysis laboratory. The device is mobile, easy to carry, and can operate anywhere. The Virion Test is the fastest and most efficient testing device that exists in the market today.

The Virion Test is a useful device for anyone who wishes to return to full operation without worrying about risks of infection should obtain. Get a device today!