A few weeks ago, an Israeli delegation consisted of 21 scientists, biotech, and officials from the defense and health ministries landed in India. For 11 days, they have tested over 25K test samples to support India's efforts to screen the COVID-19 virus and to examine innovative and rapid diagnostic technologies for the COVID-19 virus. Among the four technologies test, Kidod's Virion TestTM TestTM has been the leading device and technology. Due to the speed of analysis and simplicity of the saliva swab sampling, Kidod has analyzed more samples. In previous clinical testing over "Mayaney Hayeshua Hospital" in Bnei Brak, Israel, the Virion TestTM has achieved 95% accuracy in diagnostic.

During the clinical testings in India, the national media and government official has shown growing interest over the device and technologies. A personal visit made by the Chief Scientist of India to Kidod's offices, the event has been covered extensively by the national media.



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Moshe Golan

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