Virion Test

The Virion Test is a real game-changer for living with SARS-CoV-2

COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) has changed the world in many ways. Even today, after science has brought COVID-19 vaccinations, the virus keeps evolving and producing new variants; it is still part of our daily life and is probably here to stay.

According to experts, recovery from Covid or vaccination will not produce long-term immunity as the virus evolves; Vaccination is not causing complete immunity but lowers the risk of developing severe Covid-19 infection. Vaccinated people can still get infected by Covid and might even spread the virus for some time. To avoid Covid-19 spread and allow living through the coronavirus, people need to continue testing for Covid-19 from time to time.

The Virion Test™ is a revolutionary approach for diagnosing Covid-19. A revolutionary system for analyzing the volatile organics released from the virus, the Virion Test™ analyzes if there is an active infection using saliva analysis in less than a one-minute test duration. Several clinical studies have shown high accuracy in identifying infected and healthy subjects; due to the device’s high detection sensitivity, the device often determines Covid infection even two days before other tests available today.

Without a doubt, the Virion Test™ is the most advanced diagnostic technology to identify Covid infection. The Virion Test™ is a real game-changer for living with coronavirus.



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Kidod Science company developed the Viron Test, a cutting-edge medical device that can produce a Covid-19 Virus result at a patient in under a minute, only using a simple saliva sample.

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